By helping children to focus on the solutions rather than the problems, I bring structure and clarity in a world full of distractions. My approach to tutoring and language courses is to focus on the learning-potential of the child (and adult).

What I can offer you and your child:

*excluding Latin, Greek, Spanish and sciences higher than 4 VWO

About me

My name is Judith Frikkee. I am 51 years old and I have three children aged 21, 19 and 13. I have an international background having spent 13 years of my life abroad and I speak seven languages. Since 2008 I have taught at primary schools, as group teacher and as remedial teacher. In September 2013 I completed my Master in Special Educational Needs, which has provided me with tools to help children with learning disabilities in a professional way. In the course of the years I have specialized in tutoring small groups of children. By believing in the ability of my students, I help them feel that they can achieve more by pushing limiting boundaries. I have experience in helping children, also in secondary school, plan their homework, which makes learning for tests easier for them to oversee.

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Homework support


I offer primary and secondary school children homework support once or twice a week, between 1500 and 1800 hours. I help them make a planning for the rest of the week and follow the session with a report to enable the parents to also have an overview of what is achieved and what is to be expected. The students can contact me by mail, phone or text message in between sessions. It is also a possibility to make a Skype-appointment with me to check if your child is prepared for a test.

The homework support takes place on Friday afternoons. The homework support is offered in a classroom of primary school the Achtbaan, Weidezoom 5A in Moordrecht.

If you are interested in homework support and you live outside Moordrecht, I can come to your house. In that case the rates for tutoring apply, plus possible travel expenses.

Want to know more or enroll your child? Please contact me to make an appointment for an intake.

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for homework support once a week

*EUR 30,= per session

for homework support twice a week

*EUR 28,= per session

Including report for parents, planning for the rest of the week and skype-test


I am a qualified primary school teacher with a university degree in Languages. Since September 2013 I have my Masters degree in Special Educational Needs, specialisation learning disabilities. Tutoring is possible in all* subjects. Please contact me to inquire if I can tutor the subject(s) your child is challenged by. I am flexible and can offer my tutoring services at your home or at mine. Tutoring is individual, unless parents indicate that they would prefer their child to be taught in a group.

I have experience in tutoring children. This goes back a long way: I was already tutoring younger children when I was still attending high school. I have helped children with many subjects, including mathematics and modern languages.

*excluding Latin, Greek, Spanish and sciences higher than 4 VWO

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EUR 30,= per 55 minutes.

If the distance from my home is further than 5 km, I must charge travelling expenses.

Remedial Teaching


If your child has a specific learning disability, such as dyslexia, or finds it difficult to concentrate, it is possible to offer more specialized support with this.

Please contact me to make an appointment.

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EUR 45,= per hour.

The intake is free of charge. If it is necessary to do extra tests, you will not be charged extra for this.

Language courses

The course is offered both as an individual language course or in small groups.
Do you need to know a language for work or vacation? Are you moving abroad and would you like to be acquainted with the foreign language before you go?
Do you have insufficient knowledge of the Dutch language to manage in the Netherlands?

I can offer you language lessons in the following languages: Dutch, English, Czech, French, German, Danish, Russian.

I can help you develop the foreign language skills as a starter, or at intermediary and/or advanced levels.

Language courses for businesses

I offer businesses the possibility to hire me for language courses for their employees. For example Dutch to foreign employees, or English to employees that will be working with foreign countries. I can also offer more specialized language courses.

Company language courses are possible in the following languages: Dutch, English and Czech.

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EUR 40,= per hour.

In the case of language lessons in groups I charge EUR 50,= per hour, which is divided by the amount of children participating.

If the distance from my home is further than 5 km, I must charge travelling expenses.

Rates to be agreed on. Please contact me.

There is a 21% VAT charge in the case of specialized language courses.